A.L Group is one of the largest suppliers of filtration solutions to the world's major manufacturers of automotive filters. In fact there is a good chance that your vehicle has one of our filters in it.

Metal Gasoline Filters:

Due to the 'green' trend of emission reductions to our surroundings, there is a diversity of gasoline / alcohol blends available in the market. In addition, the competiveness in engineering to achieve high efficiency fuel consumption levels, lead to super sophisticated engine design, demanding fuel cleanness levels that were unattainable in the past. A L Group answers all these new demands as well as any future challenges in gasoline filtration. We are trusted by key players in the global automotive filtration market.

Diesel Filters:

Similar to Gasoline, there are also various blends with different ratios of diesel / bio-diesels found in the market sharing the aim of reduction in emissions. Bio-diesels require tougher compatibility criteria of all filter components such as rubbers, elastomers, adhesives, polymers and so on.The extension of service intervals has set its own challenge regarding life time of filters. Adding to this, in order to lower fuel consumption and raise engine efficiency, the common rail working pressure currently stands at the range of 2000 bars which has a direct impact on the filtration efficiency criteria.In conclusion, AL Group meets all these challenges with a very high success rate and is recognized as a 'know how' partner for diesel filter design, testing and manufacturing.

Metal Free Diesel and Oil Filters:

All over the world, the laws regarding emissions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles have become extremely strict and harder to attain. A. L. Group recognises this and has been investing in R&D for many years focusing on developing new techniques, technologies, production processes and tools that enable us to provide metal free filters that edge ever closer to the goal of zero emissions. Our vision is to produce a metal free filter that is completely “zero emissions” – both in terms of the engine it is working in and also for environmental disposal once it is finished with. Our range of advanced metal free oil filters maximise the amount of dirt that can be trapped and held whilst enabling oil to lubricate the engine. Our filters provide the engine with cleaner oil and allow the engine to perform better.Our metal free oil and diesel filters are made with the best materials, glue free and ensure performance at OEM level.

Air Filters:

We provide a range of high quality of air filters, for both fuel injected and diesel engines, that are extremely effective at preventing any abrasive matter from entering the engine's cylinders.Our Air Filters are produced using a complex plastic injection process to form a rigid frame or P.U casting for the "Pocket" style. We use a range of materials for the air filters including non-woven, cellulose paper and oil impregnated cellulose paper. We also offer fire retardant paper if required.Our global production and distribution sites around the world mean that we can deliver any order, of any size, to your doorstep at minimum lead times.

Cabin Filters:

We supply a wide range of Cabin Air Filters that can be either standard format or tailored to any unique shape to fit the available space of a specific vehicle’s outside-air intakes.Our filters are considered market leading in their ability to increase the effectiveness of a vehicles air conditioning and heating performance.Our production process is carried out by plastic injection to form a rigid frame, by ‘edge gluing’ or ‘side wall’ technology. We use only the best materials: non-woven, electrostatically charged, nylon-mesh and active carbon media that adhere to a specification of between 150 to 500gr/sq.m.

Other Filters:

A.L Group also manufacturers a range of filters for non-automotive use that include water filters, filters for generators, industrial, military, and agriculture. Our deep knowledge of filtration technology and best practices, together with our infrastructure and expertise, make us the perfect partner for all your filtration needs. We have the unique ability to understand our customer's filtration needs and design custom-made filters as per customer's specifications and requirements. Our global spread of facilities allows us to deliver our products to anywhere in the world with minimum lead time. Contact us at: for more information.

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